July 7 2008 - Holly Collins Story In American Media

July 7 2008

Hello Everyone,

Well our case has made its way to the American media. I am curious what will happen next. At least people are listening.

The Hennepin County District Attorney, Liz Cutter, made a public statement that if my mother turns herself in, a condition of bail will be that she is forbidden to have any contact with us kids, including me and Zachary, who are 23 & 25 years old (because she considers us the "Victims.")

She still refuses to speak with us yet she has stated that she will consult with my abusive father for his opinion on how he would like to see my mother treated in criminal court. I do not understand this! A Hennepin County Judge found that he abused my mother and yet the district attorney is now going to let him influence the prosecution!

I decided to call my father myself. I was shocked with how cold he was. I don’t know why, but I expected him to be nice to me and sorry for everything that happened.

I asked him if he would speak with Liz Cutter and tell her to drop the charges. He refused! He made several comments regarding my mother: “No… I do not want your mother to come back! ...She will pay! ...I will not let her ruin my life again!”

When I asked him what was wrong with him and wasn't he happy to speak with me after 14 years. He replied “That’s right… it has been 14 years. It can wait to the weekend.”

I started crying when I begged “Aren’t you even happy to hear from me? Don’t you even want to know how I’m doing?"

”Well this isn’t an emergency or anything. I am not going to talk to you now."

“Yes! That’s right! - MY TERMS!” He said and then he hung up on me!

I was so upset and this is the man who will have a say in deciding the fate of my mother?

How is she going to receive a fair trial?

Since we have been refugees for the last 14 years, we are financially compromised. We need to start to raise funds to cover the legal expenses so that my mother may have a fair trial. Please help us spread the word of the trust fund which has been established in the USA.

"Mommy Help Me Fund"
# 204782932451
US Bank
Lakeville, Minnesota

Thank you,

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