August 18 2008 - Holly Collins, First American Woman...

Holly Ann Collins is the first, but not the last American woman to be granted Asylum!

This is Jennifer and this is my update for August 18, 2008.

"Has Holly Ann Collins paved the way for other battered woman to find asylum?"

I would like to bring your attention to case where another battered US woman receives Refugee Status (in Costa Rica.) Chere Tomayko is also an American Battered Woman who fled with her daughters to another country to protect them from abuse. One of the girls have contacted me and said that her mother had been in jail for almost a year and that the United States authorities are trying to have her extradited. We are happy to learn that a few weeks ago, Ms. Tomayko was granted asylum in Costa Rica. Congratulations!

What is going on here when woman and children have to flee the United States of America to find safety?

We have just heard from my mom's attorney, Alan Rosenfeld, that the District Attorney, Liz Cutter, is softening. At the beginning she was so hard core and insistant that she would not negotiate with the attorney at all. She was determined to put my mother in jail and interefere in our contact with our own mother.

Thanks to your letters, and the evidence that is emerging, the District Attorney is no longer insisting that my mom be put in jail the minute she sets foot on US soil. She is no longer demanding that my mom not have any contact with us. She is even offering a plea bargain that if my mom pleads guilty to one count of custodial interference, then the State will agree to probation and my mom won't have to go to jail at all.

That is really great! This whole mess could all be over with. The only problem is that my mom has to esentially admit that she didn't have a good reason to defy the court order and take us away from our abusive father. That is just like saying that our own mother didn't believe us kids when we told her that our Dad was hurting us. There is no way that she can admit that! We were telling the truth about the abuse! Thank God our mom believed us!

My father beat my mother. The judge found that as a fact! My mom saw my father abuse us. We told my mother that my father was still abusing us during visitation. My mother believed us. She had every right to protect her children when the system failed.

It is unethical for the District Attorney to prosecute this case and it is a waste of tax payers money. Why prosecute a woman, just to put her on probation? Pat Diamond, Liz Cutters boss, sympathizes with my father. He believes that my father had a right to see us kids, but he didn't have a right to abuse us!!! Why is a father's visitation rights more important than the physical safety of children?

Please click on the link and send another letter to the district attorney demanding justice for this battered woman, Holly Ann Collins who protected her children from harm.

Help Holly Ann Collins come home!


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