March 12 2008 - Have Federal Charges Against Holly Collins been Dropped?

Hello Wonderful People, This is Jennifer. Since things are changing so rapidly, I thought I would give you a quick update. (March 12 2008)

Last week things really came to blow with the prosecuting attorney. I think they are angry with me for stirring up trouble. I know people think I am crazy, but my friends and I have sent out over 400 emails: to every MN Senator and State Representative, every US Senator, every State Battered Woman's Coalition, all the appropriate help organizations I could find, and now I am busy looking for reliable media outlets. (I apologize for those of you who have received repeat mails. We are not paying attention to the names on duplicate list servers.)

Because of my letters, we have just formed an amazing support team. Denise Eng (Hennepin County Battered Woman Advocate) and Julie Tilly (Praxis International) are my mother’s life line. I still remember them from 15 years ago trying to protect us from the abuse. Diane Post, Joyanna Silberg (Leadership Council) and Connie Valentine (Protective Parents) have been invaluable in getting the ball rolling. Connie referred me to an amazing attorney, Alan Rosenfield. He is an expert is defending mothers who go underground to protect their children from abuse. He is wonderful! He is going to take over my mother's case. He needs co-council in Minnesota. Liz Richards (Minnesota Coalition for Battered Women)got in touch with an amazing Hennepin County public defender, Liz Hughes. Cidene Pezzell (National Clearing House for the Defense of Battered Women) got us in touch with a federal public defender in Minnesota, Lyonel Norris. He is also incredible and he and Liz Hughes are not only colleagues but great friends. Several State Politicians (Representative Jullie Bunn, Speaker Margaret Anderson Kelliher & Senator Lawrence J. Pogemiller ) have also started making phone calls on my mothers’ behalf. We heard that Liz Cutter, the county District Attorney, is very angry with my mother. She should direct her comments to me. After all I am the victim whose best interest she should be representing!
We have heard rumors that all federal charges against my mother have been dropped! However, there is still an outstanding state charge of Parental Kidnapping. Can you believe it?
I have also started having contact with other kids whose mother successfully and unsuccessfully went underground with them.

I know this is premature, but I want to start my own website (Children Underground.Org/Com) That is really going to piss off a lot of people!(excuse my language.)

I think it is about time for such a bold organization run by adult (abused) kids. I have some friends from University who are helping me set it up and I am also going to ask Irene Weiser (Stop family violence) if she will help me with all her technical expertise.

Please note that I am not going to advise anyone to go underground. I will make sure that I stick within the boundaries of the law, but I think it would be resourceful if kids shared their stories and were finally listened too. Don't you agree? My primary goal is to get the law changed so that social workers, child protection and family court services are held accountable. I am also going to see if we can create an easy to use start page for domestic violence. My mother and I are both University educated but we still had difficulties coming in touch with the right organizations.
I must also admit that I have awoken a few crazies who have condemned my mother and offered to deprogram me and my brother. What a crock!

Once we get back to the States, I think I am going to accept an offer from Randy Burton (Justice for Children) and intern for sometime to get some added experience. I would appreciate any personal advice you can give me.

I am sorry if I am such a pain in the ass, but the family court really screwed us over! They’re the ones who should be charged with “Failure to Protect!” On top of that, I am furious for the way my mother has been treated. She really is a (s)hero!

Children UndergroundCU(now that I’m over 18 :o)

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