June 4 2008 - District Attorney Liz Cutter Will Forbid Holly Collins Contact With Her Children!

Hello Everyone,

This is Jennifer. This is my update as of June 4th 2008.

I apologize for the silence for the last month, but I was respecting the advice from my mother’s attorney, Alan Rosenfeld, to keep things quiet while he was in negotiations with the Hennepin County district attorney, Liz Cutter. However after the recent events, I can not keep quiet any longer.

Attorney Rosenfeld informed us that the district attorney intends to request as a condition of my mother’s bond that my mother have no contact with her children. She is unwilling to negotiate or compromise on that. When asked if she really wants my mom to come back and face trial she said she didn't particularly care. If my mom comes home she will prosecute her, if she stays away "that's fine too." We were informed that the normal time for arraignments is 1:30 PM every day. However the flights from Europe do not arrive before then. When attorney Rosenfeld asked the district attorney if she would agree to work out a plan where we flew into Minnesota with our mom and attorney Rosenfeld would take responsibility for her and present her for arraignment the very next day at 1:30, Liz Cutter said flatly no. She insisted that my mom be arrested and spend a night in jail and then be arraigned the next day. When attorney Rosenfeld stated that he had other cases where prosecutors had agreed to a fugitive turning themselves in at a pre arranged arraignment time she replied "I have made those arrangements as well in other cases but I will not do it in this case."

This is insane! We need to demand that my mother be treated innocent until proven guilty and that she be allowed to return and have a fair trial with a jury determining guilt or innocence. I am so upset with the behavior of the district attorney. It breaks my heart to see my mom still being victimized by the system. I don’t understand how the district attorney can do this. What is the reasoning of Liz Cutter to keep adult children away from a loving mother, especially in a situation when we shall need her the most? I don’t understand how she can legally do this. We are above 18! We are adults! We are the victims! We should have rights!

On December 22, 1992, the Minnesota family court already ripped me and Zachary out of our mother’s arms. It was the worst day of my life! We lost 18 months and 8 days of our mother’s love and protection. My brother and I were thrown into an absolute hell! We should not be isolated from my mother again!

Everyone knows, including the Hennepin family county court officials, that my father beat us kids and our mother. The documentation is overwhelming. I still can’t believe that a family court officer literally ripped me and my brother out of the safety of our mother’s arms and handed us over to a known abuser. Is everyone forgetting that even the judge found in his order that there was domestic violence from my father? They know they made a mistake. When we were finally allowed to see our mom again during supervised visitation, I lifted up my shirt and showed the supervisors the bruises on my back and bottom. I told my mother and the Hennepin County supervisors “He is still hurting us!” They saw the bruises! Oh my God!!! They knew that he was still beating us and they let it happen! Why are they still trying to cover it up?

Now the district attorney is more concerned about how a known batterer wants his victim to be treated. She doesn’t even care about the opinion of the children (who were supposedly kidnapped.) Zachary and I should be considered the real victims. – Right??? The district attorney (Liz Cutter) does not have any interest in what the real story is and how our mother treated us over the years. We have tried to make contact with her on several occasions. She refuses to have contact with me and my brother, yet she has the nerve to contact our abusive father. This is insane! Can’t somebody do something about this?

We want to come home! My mother is willing to turn herself in and face charges. We have lived in exile for 14 years. My mother has received unconditional protection from the Dutch government. The district attorney can not touch her here, yet my mother is willing to return and voluntarily turn herself in. Isn’t that enough? Haven’t we suffered enough? It makes you wonder, why the district attorney is making it impossible for my mother to turn herself in. It appears that they want to keep my mother away. I think (my opinion) that it clearly insinuates that the Hennepin County court has something to hide.

I have kept quiet the last few months and respected my mother’s wishes to let the attorney have a chance to legally rectify this situation, but I can’t keep quiet any longer.

Please help us!


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