August 14 2008 - The Daughter of Holly Collins Speaks Out!


Hello Everyone,

This is Jennifer and this is my update for August 14, 2008.

We just returned home from camping in the Swiss Alps. It was full of mixed emotions. This might be our last summer in Europe and if the District Attorney has her way, these are the last days we will have with our mother. At least our story is out in the media now. I feel like I am finally heard! I would like to thank Beth Walton (and Alison Bowen) for printing the child's side of the story.

Family court shouldn't be about the husband or the wife. It should be about kids - kids like me!
My dad beat my mom. Many people think "that is her problem" but it was my problem too because I witnessed it! My father testified that he dislocated my mothers shoulder and broke my mother's nose 3 times. He also admitted (under oath) that he did it in front of us kids. The judge found that he was an abuser. Isn't that enough?

Not only did we witness this Wife Beater in progress, we were victimized by him as well! He fractured my brother's skull. How can anyone ignore that?

Rosa Parks defied the law and wouldn't stand up on the bus. We applaud her today. Holly Ann Collins wouldn't stand for her children being abused. She should go down in history books as being a courageous Battered Woman who challenged the system. She was the first American to receive asylum in Europe and is going to be the catalyst for initiating change in our severely damaged family court system.

Thank you for giving me a voice.

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