"Sister" Julia Apologizes for Attacks Against My Family in 2009

I can't believe it! - 4 years later and I came across an apology from one of the women, Julia Moreno from Children Need Both Parents who viciously attacked my mother in a malicious article in 2009 when we were first found by the FBI after being on the run for 14 years from my abusive father. Apparently this apology was published a few years ago.

Apologies for unintentional harm
Posted by JoshuaRoseFoundation on October 10, 2011
"I want to first and foremost thank each of you for being a part of my support structure as I continue to deal with my situation with my children.

Secondly, I feel I need to make a formal and public apology to anyone that may have been directly or indirectly affected by actions that happened in 2009 when I was working with someone who I no longer have associations or ties to.  (Charity Ohse Kreasko)

Several of my new contacts and supporters of Joshua Rose Foundation both personally and professionally have come under attack recently because of the usage of the term PA/PAS. I have only recently come to learn and fully understand why that word creates such a firestorm for several people. It was the first term I encountered to describe what I went through as a child, and have been dealing with in my adulthood, all at the hands of my mother, who I have recently discovered is more than likely either NPD or Sociopath. I will no longer be using that term and will find alternative means to describe what I went through as a child and what my children and I are now experiencing under the controlling and abusive grasp of my biological mother.
I was wrong to have participated in the opinion piece written about Holly Collins and her children. I have written emails in the beginning of this year apologizing for those actions. Unfortunately, for some reason, the erroneous article written about me and the other person has resurfaced and has caused some to question several factors about me that I would like to indeed clear up.” Julia Moreno

I remember Julia Moreno contacting me a few years ago begging me to delete the article I wrote about her in rebuttal of the attack she made on my family. I said that I had no desire to fight and would simply remove it when she withdrew the terribly flawed opinion piece about our family.  For some reason she claimed she was unable to comply and things ended at that.
I’m not sure what this apology is all about. It is going to take some time to forgive and forget. These women caused us a great deal of pain and suffering when we were most vulnerable. They published lies that will forever be out there in cyberspace and now one of them is sorry. At least it is a start and my mom is right that truth prevails in the end!   ~ Jennifer

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  1. Your mom is a wise woman with a beautiful daughter -- in the end, the "truth" always will prevail.
    Give my love to your mom. ;-)