Holly Collins and her children celebrate 16 years of freedom!


It has been 16 years since our mom rescued us!

June 30 2010

I have recently received another package of documentation from the United States. I still can't believe that this young mother (my mother) managed to rescue her kids from their abuser and flee to another country and be the first American to ever receive asylum in another country.

Looking through the records I realize that my mom was younger than I am now when she was forced to protect us from our father’s fists. After my father fractured my brother’s skull this young battered woman/girl of only 22 years old did what she was supposed to do. She left her abuser!

She worked several jobs, enrolled in university, and raised 2 young children by herself as she also tried every legal avenue possible to protect her children from abuse. When the American Justice System failed her and her children this young mom got up the courage to take her precious children away from the man who beat her and threatened to kill her. She was so brave!

Think about how selfless she was… She left everything behind – EVERYTHING! She didn’t even have contact with her family or friends for over 14 years. And she is still living in exile until her son (my younger brother) turns 18 and is protected from this vindictive judge in Minnesota.

Now that all kidnapping charges against her have been dropped it has been confirmed that she really is a (s)hero.

Of course my father and his supporters are still belly aching about how my mother got away with something but everyone else knows the truth. –

Holly Collins is a Hero!

Thank you Mom!

Even on the run we were happier than we were with our abusive father.

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