Glenn Sacks & his followers conceal child abuse

They just don’t stop! Do they?

August 3 2009 - I just received this message a few minutes ago:

"How do you explain that the fractured skull happened at an amusement park in 1987, and that Holly Collins sued the amusement park for the injury and obtained a $50,000 financial award from the park?"


1986 - The amusement park accident was in 1986. The medical records clearly state "NO BROKEN BONES!" My mother and father didn’t have to sue the amusement park because they offered a settlement to the accident victims. There was a court appointed trustee who had to approve the settlement because it was an injury to a minor child caused by negligence on public property. You can be sure that if a child’s skull was fractured because of a defected amusement park ride, the settlement would have been extremely higher. The money was put into a trust fund for my brother. The money was his not my parents!

1987 - My father beat up my brother and my mother in July 1987. That is when he broke the bone in my brother’s skull! Because of this abuse Child Protection became involved and told my mother that if she didn’t take us and leave our father she could be charged with “failure to protect.”

This is a clear example of how my father, Glenn Sacks and other father’s rights groups are distorting the facts and trying to conceal the truth!


  1. You say your father broke your brothers skull in 97, but in an eariler post (couldnt tell you the date as you dont date your posts) you said the abuse happend in 87

    Alos if you were hiding in Europe from 94 to 2007, how did you father attack yout brother in 97?

  2. You do realise that according to your own information, this cannot be possible?

    A recent post says that you were rescued by your mother 15 years ago, meaning 1994. So how could your father have abused your brother in 1997?

  3. ummmmm a few posts down you spoke of your mom rescuing you 15 years ago, if so then how could this have happened in 97 ?

  4. Holly I think you got the dates wrong - did you mean 1996 or 1986?

  5. Hi Jennifer,

    In 1982, my parents bought a home for $70,000 (AUD). $50K is actually a LOT of money for that time. It's not in this day and age, but it was back then.

  6. GC.

    Thank you for the advise. I know I messed up on the dates.


    It doesn't matter what the cost of the dollar was. You can't invent something that wasn't there. All of the medical records and all of the court documents prove that there were NO Broken Bones in 1986.