December 29 2008 - Glenn Sacks Attacks Child Abuse Victim

Can you believe this guy?

I sent Mr. Glenn Sacks a personal mail to ask him to rectify the attack he made on my family. I have received so many threatening emails from his followers. I just wanted to set things straight. I wanted these abusive men to leave me alone.

Maybe I am naive, but I gave Mr. Sacks the chance to prove that he was a decent guy. I was foolish to believe that if I asked him personally to do the right thing, he would rectify his mistake.

I didn't expect him to lunge another all out attack on me and my family. Mr. Sacks didn't even have the decency to respond to my letter. He just sent me a link to his new post.

Why would he do this?

Is Mr. Sacks so obsessed with his PAS theory that he is willing to support all batterers?

What about the kids?


Holly Collins kidnapped her two children and took them to Holland in 1993, claiming that her husband had abused the children and that she needed to flee to protect them. Jennifer Collins, her now 23-year-old daughter, supports her mother's version of events, and has presented her side of the story on several TV shows over the past few months. (One of them was FOX's Morning Show with Mike and Juliet, where I also appeared--to watch Jennifer, click here and go to about 2:55.)

Jennifer's allies are very critical of the concept of Parental Alienation, claiming that it is a ruse used by abusive fathers to win custody of their children from protective mothers. (It worked for my father!)
Recently on my blog and on others Jennifer cited my October blog post Volunteers Needed for Parental Alienation Project and said "Glenn Sacks owes my family an apology." Jennifer's letter reads:

Dear Mr. Sacks,

It has been several months now since you have sent your followers on a quest to dig up dirt on me and my family. I don't know why you had to be so sneaky and didn't contact me yourself. It doesn't go helping your cause when you are defending known batterers. You specifically said "I want the truth, whichever way it falls. If you find that what Holly and Jennifer claim happened is true, I will make it clear that this is your finding."

Now it is time for you to be a man of your word and print the truth!

Jennifer Collins

As you can imagine, I hardly feel this is a fair description of what has transpired. My original blog post to which Jennifer refers reads as follows:

There was no request to "[send my] followers on a quest to dig up dirt on [Jennifer] and [her] family," but instead a request for an open and honest investigation. One wonders why Jennifer would be so offended by this. (He sent this request out to over 50,000 followers including many men who have been accused and found guilty of domestic violence.)

As for me being "sneaky," I made my request openly on my well-trafficked blog and in my weekly E-Newsletter, which goes out to over 50,000 readers. To paraphrase Shakespeare, if that's being "sneaky," sneaky "ought be made of sterner stuff." (We were on a television show together. I had all the documentation in a box with me. He could have asked me himself! Instead he choses to launch a public attack on me and my family.)

As for investigating the Collins case, while some people expressed interest, I didn't find anybody who was willing to spend the time necessary going through the case's documents in order to find out what actually happened. A couple, frankly, just wanted to examine the case only from the outside, interpreting everything in the most negative way towards Holly & Jennifer Collins. That's not what I'm interested in. Until I have someone willing and capable of examining the case, I won't judge Collins' case either way. (He has judged our case by calling out over 50,000 of his followers to investigate the word of an abused child. What was he thinking?)

If anybody is still interested in volunteering, feel free to let me know.
One person, identified only as JES, apparently was a custody supervisor for the Collins family many years ago and wrote what's below in a comment on the pro-Collins City Pages story. JES' comment is certainly worth noting, but is not enough to conclude that Holly & Jennifer Collins' versions of the story are incorrect... (Where is JES now? We have documentation that this woman perjured herself. I have asked her to come forward and provide me with her documentation. I want the opportunity to ask this woman personally how she could ignore the bruises on my back when I was 7 years old and pleas for help during visitation.)

While I think this is a compelling story with multiple layers of pathology, pain and areas for individuals to learn about family dynamics and healing - I also see where there are HUGE holes where one side has been told...but there are SO MANY MORE points of view to truly tell the full truth of the matter. (The country of the Netherlands investigated our whole case and risked international relations with the United States by granting us Asylum in 1997. The FBI provided the Dutch government with a report in 2006 that they also found that domestic violence occurred. The Minnesota District Attorney dropped all kidnapping charges against my mother in 2008. I have posted transcripts of my father admitting to breaking my mother's nose and dislocating her shoulder from his testimony in 1992. I have even posted the medical records of my 4 year old brothers fractured skull from 1987. Numerous reporters have recently gone through the entire court files and were outraged by the evidence enough to print controversial front page stories. And... most important here am I, the victim, the child who was beaten, the little girl who was kidnapped, the young woman who wants JUSTICE!)

PAS is nothing but PAE (Perpetrators’ Abuse Excuse)